Tips for writing a brilliant autobiography

Tips for writing a brilliant autobiography

Most writers are inclined to believe that writing a novel, a detective story or any other work that can be loved by millions of readers is not such a difficult task. It is much more difficult to write an autobiography, because at the same time the author tells his whole life story truthfully and frankly, while he should arouse the interest of readers. Read this article if you think that you can not cope with writing an autobiography or that your life is not so interesting that it will be read by numerous readers, here you will find some useful tips that will help you when writing an autobiography. Some of them we took here


It is important to remember that the autobiography does not expect many stories from your life, it will be enough to write no more than 3 facts and stories so that the reader is not tired of their numerous enumeration, this is typical for memoirs.

Third person

Write an autobiography in the third person. This practice is very popular among writers. It allows the author:

  • to feel more confident;
  • not to restrain himself when listing his achievements;
  • to worry less when telling about difficult times in life or failures.

It seems unusual to write about your life in a third person, but you have only to start and you will not notice how soon get used to it.


It is not necessary to build an autobiography on the list of only achievements, otherwise, the reader will be able to perceive it as narcissism. However, do not be too shy, and do not name any of them, because the reader will decide that you have no merit. To achieve optimal balance, list 2-3 of your most important achievements that you think are directly related to your activities at the time of writing your autobiography.

Education and experience

Writing an autobiography is based on providing information about education and professional experience. You can write in different styles, but these 2 elements must necessarily be the basis of the autobiography. Tell the reader about your education by telling 1-2 interesting stories from your University life. You can also specify the relationship of your profession with the choice of literary genre in which you write your works.

Avoid mixing

Don’t mix your autobiography with the description of the books you wrote earlier. Despite the fact that the process of creating your works is an important part of your life, do not devote them to autobiography, you can select one section in it and make a brief description of the books, it should be done for 2 reasons:

  1. Readers who have chosen to read your autobiography are interested in your life, not the description and analysis of your works and books.
  2. Perhaps readers have already read your books or are going to do it, so do not duplicate the information.

Few options

Write several variants of your autobiography. As an experienced writer, you probably know the need for such an approach, which helps to choose the best from a variety of different options. Describe your life using different speech styles and writing genres, and then study them and choose the most successful, or combine several options to achieve the best result.

Sincerity and own style

People who read your books loved them for your unique and inimitable style. Stay true to yourself and write in the same manner in which you always write. Rest assured, readers will appreciate it. Be honest and frank with your readers, telling them your life story in your original manner.